Some of our classes run on quarterly (13 week) configurations. We also offer classes that have varying lengths based on the content of the class.

Adult Classes

In the main auditorium, Roger delivers his regular Sunday morning class lesson.

One recent adult class in the annex was an overview & Biblical discussion of the Muscle and a Shovel book as an overview of the process and challenge of personal evangelism.

The most recent adult class in the annex is a discussion of proof of creation and the evidence provided in science to support our belief in God’s creation work. For this class, we used materials from Brad Harrub’s book titled Convicted.

Outdoors Skills Bible Classes On Wednesday Nights

Randy Coleman is coordinating classes related to Outdoor skills while discussing the Bible and the gospel

  • April: In addition to entering the gospel study in your camouflage waterproof Bible will be on Crappi fishing with Wayne Carter as instructor.
  • May: Bass fishing taught by bass pro Doug Moore.
  • June : Hiking and back packing by Zack Newman.
  • July: Geo Caching by Mike Moxley.
  • August: Fly Fishing by Darren Staller.
  • September: Dutch Oven cooking by Jeff Pointer.
  • October: Gun Safety by Joe McCoy.
  • November: Bow and arrow by Wendyl Heffington and Larry Bynum.
  • December: Survival skills by Randy Coleman.