In 1908 a group of good, solid believers decided it was time for a congregation of Christians to be a solid voice for New Testament Christianity to be located in the Arkansas River Valley. Now, as we begin this new millennium this dream is a reality.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves to you. We are simply a group of Christians. We love God and His Son Jesus Christ. We love each other with a deep brotherly love and we love the world around us and hope to make it better. We are happy to be Christians, nothing more and nothing less.

We have taken the Word of God as our example and as our rule for living our lives.

Our assembly times together are for the purpose of encouraging each other. We do this with times of singing, praying, giving, preaching and sharing the Lord’s Supper together. During this time you will see many people smiling and enjoying the fellowship we have with each other. If this sounds good to you, we would welcome a visit from you when you are in our area.


Here are some printable PDF downloads about the Church of Christ:

You can also find printable brochure formats at Gospel Tracts International.